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Ricky Hatton - Cocaine Addiction

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Former IBF light welterweight champion Ricky Hatton (45-2, 32 KO’s) is reportedly going to be entering a rehab clinic for cocaine addiction this week, according to boxing news from the Hatton, 31, was caught snorting seven lines of what appeared to be cocaine in a video given to the site News of the World. The incident took place two weeks ago in a Hotel in Manchester, England. Hatton was observed chopping up the white power with his credit card and then snorting seven lines in front of a video camera. Hatton also seems to have a sever drinking and weight problem he is now easily weighing a good 200lbs – that’s a lot of weight for someone whose height is 5ft 6.

Promoter Frank Warren in an interview with British Tabloid the Sun – said "It's very sad that this has happened, but I can't say I'm surprised. There have been rumors’ going round the sport for ages and from what we've seen this weekend it appears that they were true. If you watch the video of him snorting the drugs, it doesn't exactly look as though he is doing it for the first time. Ricky clearly has problems. He has an addictive personality and needs to get treatment," Warren told The Sun.

"The Board of Control need to show their mettle and ban him until he sorts himself out. Ricky obviously needs help and I hope for his sake he gets it. He has brought the sport into disrepute and must not be allowed to fight or promote again until he can show he is clean," Warren concluded.