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David Haye's Predictions

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DAVID HAYE is predicting crushing Audley Harrison and winning by KO in round one in Manchester, this Saturday.

Super-confident and relaxed, Haye talking to the Daily Star said: “If he doesn’t come up with anything new, then it’s the first round.

“If it’s the same old Audley, he hasn’t had his heart and brain transplant, then I will send him back to LA with a public beating never to be seen again.

“I believe that is what the public want. They are fed up with him. It will be over so quickly, two rounds maximum.” - “I really do hope the new, extraordinary Harrison he talks about steps into the ring,” he said. “That he found something special his at Big Bear.

“Let it go six or seven rounds before it’s over, but I can’t see it. I’ll know for sure when I look at him at the weigh-in how long he will hang in there for. When I see what condition he’s in.

“I hope he is pumped up and jabs and gets his upper cut going. People want a proper fight, but it’s down to him. The same old boring Audley goes in round one.”


Harrison reaction when told Haye was predicting a quick end was: “It will be a long, tough fight that goes the 12 rounds.”

When asked if he had a surprise in store for Haye, Harrison said: “The biggest surprise will be when my arm is raised at the end and someone says ‘the new heavyweight champion of the world is Audley Harrison’.

“This is my story, my destiny. You don’t have to believe me.”

Haye looked relaxed, joking and laughing, while Harrison’s look was more serious.

Haye says he has posters of Harrison on his gym wall, “so I look at him and build up a hate. When I get in that ring and look at him, the disdain will come out. The guy wants to end my legacy and I can’t allow that to happen. Hate is not a strong word. That is how I feel and I have no regrets about anything I have said about him.”

Harrison reaction when told was to smile and say: “As long as the posters are in the gym and not the bedroom. I hope he hasn’t got any of himself in stockings and suspenders.”