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Audley Harrison faces BBBoC today

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Heavyweight Audley Harrison is expected to find out today whether the  British Boxing Board of Control will withhold any of his reported £1.5million purse following his passive effort against WBA heavyweight champion David Haye in November. Harrison will appear before the board to explain non-performance in the one-sided bout.

The nature of Audley Harrison's third round KO defeat to WBA heavyweight title-holder David Haye will be examined by the BBBoC later today.  The board will decide if Harrison, should be paid in full for his night's work or punished for not putting up enough of a fight. Audley is said to have earned £1.5 million for the contest.

Harrison, for whatever reason, decided not to throw any punches for the three rounds of the fight other than one jab. Why Harrison failed to throw one meaningful punch is the big mystery.

The BBBoC have the power to withhold a percentage of Harrison's purse should they decide that he did not put enough effort into the fight.  Harrison, though, claims that his strategy was to take Haye past the mid-rounds before putting his own tactical battle plan into action.

This match was one of the oddest heavyweight title fights in memory, as not only did Harrison not throw punches, but Haye did little as well until the 3rd. Both fighters looked petrified and very weary of each other. Finally, Haye landed a right hand that stunned Harrison in the 3rd. Haye then let loose with a stream of shots that had Harrison staggering around. The fight was then quickly stopped before Harrison could get really hurt. Harrison has complained that the referee had jumped the gun in stopping the fight to early and did not give him a chance to apply his strategy of going after Haye in the later rounds of the fight.

Docking part of the prize money for Harrison is not really going to achieve anything and further more it should be considered that both boxers were pitiful to watch. Perhaps the BBB should have considered docking the pay of both boxers as in reality they both failed to deliver.