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Russia's No1 Olympic Heavyweight Boxer

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Kuzmin Russia



Russia’s number one, Olympic Heavyweight boxer, Sergei Kuzmin in an interview with Ambox talked about boxing and his future in the sport.

Kuzmin  a Russian and European champion in 2010, is Russia’s heavyweight division best hope for the upcoming London Olympics in 2012.


"Boxing is my job, my bread"

Asked about how he started boxing Kuzmin replied:

“I come from the Vladimir region. In 1998 when I was eleven years old my father decided that after school instead of hanging out on the street, it was better to go to the gym and workout. That’s how it all started. And two years later, I went to my first competition - in the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy a tournament in memory of the honored coach of the Soviet Union Vitaly A. Ostroverkhova. I won two fights there. After that I, became a regular performer at youth and junior tournaments. And when I moved to the adult level, boxing became my life. Realizing that boxing was my job and my bread, I underwent a radical change in attitude towards training and preparation. And then is when I began to conquer peaks”.

Kuzmin went on to explain that the life of a boxer between the ropes is usually a short one, ten to fifteen years and a boxing athlete must do his best to attain the maximum in that time.  “During this time we should manage to do very much. At least a roof over your head, in a rented apartment life can be very difficult, because children also need to start, all superimposed on each other, I have a goal, and I'm going for it”.


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Asked about his fondest memory - Kuzmin replied: That it was last year's European Championships and his defeat of double world champion and Olympic medalist Roberto Kamarelle!

Asked about his future targets, Kuzmin replied that in a few year time he will turn professional however this will occur after there is a change in  the present pro boxing scene. Kuzmin was of the opinion that things in the pro heavyweight division will change for the better. “And for me the most important thing now to gain the necessary experience at the international level, and then everything will depend only on me, since all the contenders, they are all the same,  people with two arms, two legs and one head”.

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