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M M A in Malta

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Mixed Martial Arts - one of the world fastest growing combat sports has been practiced in Malta for the past ten years or so.

One of the very first MMA clubs to open it doors in Malta is "Fight Legion Malta" - founded by Karl Mifsud who actually participates in MMA tournaments outside of Malta.

Introducing:   FIGHT LEGION MALTA: Malta’s first and only M.M.A academy and combat team focused on mixed martial arts, submission wrestling and BJJ NO-GI in Malta since the year 2000.

The main instructor and competitor at “Fight Legion Malta is Karl Mifsud he has been training in Martial Arts for the past 20 years starting with Karate and Wrestling then moving to M.M.A with 12 Amateur MMA Fights and countless grappling matches he is The UKMMA League Champion and Urban Gorillaz Silver Medalist .He trained in England , Spain and Brazil with some of the top Fighters and Coaches including DEMIAN MAIA, ROBERT DRYSDALE, LEO VIEIRA, LUCAS LEITE, DANIEL TABERA, ROGER GRACIE,FELIPE DE SOUZA, ROYCE GRACIE AND DAN HENDERSON.



Karl is the First Maltese to Compete in M.M.A, is the First Maltese to train in pure B.J.J. in early 2003 with Roger Gracie and is the First and only Maltese to train and compete in Brazil with Team Brasa and Team Robert Drysdale.

FIGHT LEGION MALTA: offers MMA sessions not only for those who want to compete but also for those who want to do self defense courses or simply to keep fit.










One of the leading MMA fighters in Malta is Karl Mifsud – Also coach and instructor at F.L.M

Karl - has competed in some of Europe’s biggest events including the Ukmma league Europe’s larges m.m.a league which Karl is lightweight champion 2009, and Gracie Barra's urban Gorillaz submission wrestling tournament which Karl won the silver medal in Sheffield 2006.


Karl Mifsud on M.M.A training at F.L.M

Our MMA curriculum consists of a hybrid form of martial arts, which utilizes Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Submission Grappling, Russian Sambo, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing, the proper way to strike from the ground as well as the most effective techniques from other styles of fighting. For "no rules" scenarios, we have to be adept at everything. There are 4 major ranges of fighting... punching and kicking range, clinching range and on the ground. Our MMA program covers every range and every possible scenario from each.


The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing all compliment each other perfectly to create this well rounded art and program. The program is best for "no rules" competition because of the no-nonsense style employed and because it is effective and proven to work!!! FIGHT LEGION Fighter Karl " the Fight " Mifsud is a testament to strength of the curriclum through his wins inside the cage and in the ring.


MMA is the evolution and revolution of the modern martial arts. MMA employs a wide range of striking and grappling tactics. Eighty percent of all Fights end up in "the clinch" or on the ground. This is where our Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Fighting technique is necessary. Or, if we decide to impose our will and stay on our feet, we can end the fight in seconds by delivering thunderous Muay Thai knees, razor sharp elbow strikes and crippling kicks and knock out power punches.




MOB: 77176421 E-MAIL:- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it