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Combat Sports Vs Combat Sports

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MMA vs Boxing - "I feel that it should be Combat Sports vs Main Stream Sports"

David Marcus Reed, a boxing fan and contributor to MBN from Chicago, Illinois, US, sent in this interesting article, with some refreshing views and original perspectives regarding MMA and Boxing as combat sports. They are all part of the larger picture says David! 

By David Reed


In the sports community today there's a big debate about MMA vs Boxing to me this is laughable, even if you prefer one over the other they are both Combat Sports just like Muay Thai Boxing, Amateur Wrestling, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu or any other Martail Art. What they all have in common is that they are all Martial Arts. You may be a bigger fan of one or maybe you compete in one and disregard the others, but these Combat Sports combined are all pieces of a larger picture, together they make up a whole family of sports called Martial Arts. - MMA is a celebration of all these sports combined.

To be a great Mixed Martial Artist you have to be well rounded, you have to be a fan and a practitioner of all different Combat Sports, you have to work on your Boxing and Kick Boxing and you have to work on your ground game (submissions & wrestling). All these diverse arts need to be studied by those that participate in MMA, and appreciated by those who love Combat Sports.

Boxing was till recently the most popular Combat Sport but with the recent rise in popularity of MMA many sports aficionados have started arguing along the lines of Boxing Vs MMA. This to me is a useless argument and a waste of time. My view as a combat sport enthusiast is that we have a need for all the Combat Sports.

Boxing has it many problems but with it's rich history and large pay checks at it highest level it's not going anywhere I laugh when people tell me Boxing died. This is of course not true, after the Manny Pacquiao - Antonio Margarito fight which received world wide media coverage, I was listening to “Tap-Out Radio” an MMA radio show and they where talking about Manny Pacquiao's performance and they down played the recent UFC 122 calling it boring and this coming from an MMA fan's, radio show. This is the same old argument, fans and media comparing Boxing to MMA and other Combat Sports. What these arguments prove is that fight fans as spectators want to see highly skilled athletes competing against each other and they want to see fighters with heart, that want to win.

The thing that MMA has learned from Boxing's mistakes is that good match making is the key to any Combat Sport’s success. If you put on good matches the fans will watch and enjoy.

Boxing has more politics than MMA and it's harder to make matches now than it was in the past, nobody want’s to risk anything anymore in Boxing, it seems everyone’s target is to get the most money for the least possible risk.

MMA is different in this regard - you have to fight the best for less money and no MMA fighter is bigger than MMA it self. But unfortunately in Boxing there are many Boxer's who feel they are bigger than the sport itself , boxing promoters need to do a better job of working together, the super six tournament is a great start and people who watch Boxing know what the super six did for the sport and this should be done in every weight class, if this were to happen, boxing would have countless great fights, that would produce one champion in each weight division this is something that is much needed in boxing. There are just too many boxing champions with belts in comparison to MMA were there is only one champion for each weight class. 

Boxing needs to help it's self and us fans need to know who really is the best man / woman in every weight division and the only way to do that is to get them (boxing champions) in the ring with each other. The promoters in Boxing need to start taking risks and share the money more evenly to put on great fights and to stop ducking fights and hand picking opponents for the betterment of the sport.

People in Combat Sports need to stick together and start respecting each other's 'Arts' and if you really feel the need to compare sports do this as in Combat Sports vs main stream sports like NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL. Personally I love all sports but my passion is (all) ‘Combat Sports’.

So whether you are a fight fan or combat sport athlete show respect for other Martial Arts. Take time to watch and appreciate other combat sports as at the end of the day it is all part of the larger picture.