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WKN Thai Boxing Champion in Malta

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In August the Ying Yang Kickboxing Club organized a Thai Boxing seminar for which the World Thai Boxing Champion Osman Yigin was invited to teach this discipline

Thai Boxing Champion in Malta

The seminar was an initiative of Master Noel Mercieca, founder of Ying Yang Kickboxing, and Isaac Chetcuti in collaboration with the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) and Kancho Adrian Axisa, founder of the Malta Kickboxing Association (MKBA). In total there where 40 participants from the MKBA and the Malta Thai Boxing Club.

From his club in Charleroi, Belgium, Osman was accompanied by one of his Professional Thai Boxers Alan Godzicki. For this event even WKN President, Stefan Cabrera, came to Malta give his contribution in the teaching.

Osman has a record of 170 victories out of 198 matches of either Thai Boxing or Kickboxing. He is also in charge of the Belgian and Turkish WKN branches as well as an international WKN supervisor. Back in Belgium he mainly trains professional Thai Boxers of which 6 are either World or European Champions.

The first day of training opened with Cabrera showing Boxing techniques followed by Osman and Alan with K1 rules techniques. Later they showed their application in a sparring session. The second day was focused on physical training and Clinching Muay Thai techniques. The seminar ended up with a surprise competition for the participants as Osman offered his gloves to the student that did the most number of squats which was won by Melanie Azzopardi who is a Ying Yang member.

Till now the Maltese competed only in K1 rules competitions in which no elbow strikes are allowed. In 2007 Malta participated in her first WKN match and Kancho Axisa became the Maltese WKN representative. This seminar was a great help for the Maltese athletes as thanks to Osman's tips they improved their knee strikes and how to use them during a competition. This was even a good opportunity for the MKBA to work together with Malta Thai Boxing Club.

This was not the first time that Osman trained Maltese athletes. Last May a 5 kickboxer contingent from the Ying Yang Club travelled to Belgium in order to train in Osman's club and together with his professional Thai Boxers.

For more information regarding the Ying Yang club’s training days please visit the website or contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thai Boxing Champion in Malta