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Boxing Clubs Select - Malta Vs UK

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altBy Alex Zammit


The third edition of the Malta club select Vs Vs Crawley UK club select has been won by the Maltese selection.

The chosen venue “The Grand Excelsior Hotel” was excellent and a supportive crowd filled the hall to full capacity to support the Maltese boys fighting out of the red corner.

The evening kicked of with a flag carrying ceremony followed by the playing of the national anthem of both countries.




Zak Farrugia Mlt lost George Chapman by UD    

Etienne Spiteri Mlt defeated Will Kear by MD   

Mark Anastasi Mlt defeated Edward Harradine by MD   

Haithem Laamouz Mlt defeated Scott Gladwin by UD     

Clayton Vella Mlt defeated John Snape by MD   

Joseph Camilleri Mlt defeated John Swift by MD


The Maltese boys in general boxed very well and there is a definite improvement when compared to previous boxing competitions.


altZak Farrugia who earlier this year took bronze at a top level competition in Morocco was aggressive and continuously on the move however his jabs did not find there mark on many occasions on the other hand George Chapman while punching less was certainly more precise in landing scoring blows.



altEtienne Spiteri’s clash with Will Kear started a bit wild in the first round with both inexperienced boxers throwing punches, jabs and crosses to the wind, the second round was much better with both boxers having settled down and got down to the business of boxing. Both boxer were balanced in their ability however Spiteri’s left jab proved to be more precise and on target.



Mark Anastasi the crowd’s favorite of the evening. Anastasi may not be the most talented boxer in the Maltese Islands but no one can ever fault him on effort and courage and yesterday evening his efforts were justly rewarded with a win over his UK counter part Edward Harradine. Anastasi started the round by inflicting damage straight away on his opponent with a precise jab which spilled blood from his opponent’s nose. Anastasi was continually advancing through out the bout and in the second round a flurry of left jabs and hooks again inflicted further damage to Harradine’s nose forcing the referee to stop the fight momentarily. In the third round Anastasi was most definitely the dominant force of the fight. The crowd was jubilant as Anastasi’s hand was raised in victory.




Haithem Laamouz, Malta’s most experienced boxer having not only a world championship experience beneath his belt but has also trained and sparred in the gym with some of the best in the game. Laamouz won and without doubt he took his UD decision fair and square but for those who understand the game it was a disappointing performance by Laamouz. The UK boxer Gladwin was outsized physically and seemed to be the under dog in all aspects, however to his merit he carried the fight to Laamouz, never shrinking back from his disadvantages and often trying to use his shorter stature to his advantage by coming from underneath to try and get to Laamouz’s chin.





Clayton Vella Mlt Vs John Snape – The inexperience of both boxers showed and was very clear, however Clayton proved to be the better man showing a crowd pleasing aggressiveness. Vella has shown a marked improvement since his participation in the Malta boxing national championships.





Joseph Camilleri could be said was the surprise of the evening while he only managed a majority decision from the judges, the improvement of this boxer is absolutely outstanding and I was totally surprised by his performance both in his attack and counter attack. At times during the bout you could catch small glimpses of his inexperience but his keenness and clever boxing more than made up for these little short falls and his win was merited.




A truly enjoyable and well organized boxing night which was enjoyed by all those who attended. Well done to the I&J fitness team who promoted the event.