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Amateurs Gladiators Night Part 4 Malta 4 September, 2015

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By Reuben Azzopardi
On September 4th the event Gladiators Nights for Amateures athletes will be held at the open
air Waterpolo Pitch at Marsascala, Malta.  
The Gladiators Promotions organisers, Master Noel Mercieca and Isaac Chetcuti, together
with Simon Chetcuti, will gather 40 athletes to compete in numerous mathces. The disciplines
for this competition are Kickboxing and K1.
The athletes from 10 Maltese clubs will face each other to win their rispective category. This
time it will be the turn for amateures athletes to go in the ring so the spectators can watch the
country's new local talent. There will also be a number of semi professional matches.
The athletes' age will vary between 8 to 40 years. Due to the level of the competition the
athletes will be wearing all the protective equipment, especially the protection for the legs and
the head.
The Fight Card consists of 20 matches of 3x2 and the event will start from 1930hr at the open
air Pitch at Marsa Scala. For this event there will also be present the World Thai Boxing
Champion Osman Yigin.
The next day there will be an exhibition K1match between the Matlese, Daniel "the Jet" Zahra
and the Belgian Lello "Sultan" Perego. A professional athlete that trains under Osman. This
friendly match will be during a sports activity in aid of Istrina.
On October 17th Gladiators Night XI will be held with semi and professional level athletes at
the Dolmen Hotel. For more information visit the Facebook page of Gladiators Promotions or
contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283, Isaac Chetcuti on 79098181 or Simon Chetcuti
on 79865157.