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Making A Name In Thailand

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Toby Smith – "It means a lot to me to make a name in Thailand"

Toby Smith has only just turned 19 but he is already starting to establish a reputation as being one of the top Muay Thai fighters from Australia

He comes from a famous fighting family and is following in the footsteps of his Dad, Blair, who was a Muay Thai champion at both state and national level and is now the head trainer at the Thaiboxing Pit in Perth.

Smith is currently training and fighting in Thailand and is based at Kaewsamrit Gym in Bangkok. He caught up with Combat Asia to talk about his dreams and aspirations as a fighter…

How old were you when you started doing Muay Thai?
I Started Muay Thai at age 7. I grew up with the sport, watching my Dad train and fight. I was more into football and motorcross until I was about 14 when I decided to started taking training and fighting seriously.

How old were you when you had your first fight?
I had my first Muaythai fight at age 8

What titles have you won?
I’ve won five titles, WPMF World Title, 2 x Australian Titles and 2 x State Titles.

You were supposed to fight Nonsai but I don’t think that fight happened, why not?
Yes, I was supposed to fight Nonsai at the start of this year but the fight didn’t go ahead because he had troubles with his visa.

How do you divide your time between Thailand and Australia?
At the moment I’m based in Thailand. Have been here since January, training at Kaewsamrit Gym in Bangkok. I go back to Australia to fight on my Dads promotion, Domination, twice a year and if any big opportunity fights come up.

How do you find fighting in Thailand compares to fighting in Australia, do you alter or adapt your style at all when you are fighting in Thailand?
In Thailand, I find I get less nervous before the fights as there it’s not as hyped as back in Australia also my friends and family aren’t there to watch. The way I fight it doesn’t change if I’m in Thailand or Australia, I just adapt to the fight.

How often do you fight?
Before I only fought four to six fights a year but now that I’m not working and I’m living in Thailand I fight at least once a month.

You have already won a few titles in Australia and have a good reputation there but how important is it to you to make a name for yourself fighting in Thailand as well?
It means a lot to Me to make a name in Thailand because this is their sport and culture. I’m a ’farang’ haha I want to earn their respect. My goal is to one day get a shot at a Rajadamnern or Lumpinee title.

What is your style of Muay Thai?
Straight up lip murderer haha. I would have to say my style would be aggressive.

Do you have another job or are you a full time fighter?
No I don’t have a job, I’m a full time fighter now. I finished my apprenticeship in roof carpentry and saved every dollar I had. Now I’m just living off what I saved, fight purses and my sponsor Boon Australia.

Who are your favourite fighters and why?
Soren Mongkontong because he’s got super technique, as good as the Thais do. Singdam Kiatmoo9 for his awesome kicks and Bovy Sor.Udomson because he never gives up and has aggressive style.

When are you next fighting?
Thai Fight on 23rd October is in planning otherwise I’m fighting Petchanong Sit Or in Australia November 24th.

Interview courtesy of Boon Sport / Source / Photo by Emanuel Rudnicki at