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Grand Master Liming Yue in Malta

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Grandmaster Liming Yue is without a doubt one of the foremost exponents of Tai Chi the ancient Chinese art practiced for both its defence training and its health benefits.

Since 2012 Grandmaster Liming Yue has made quite a number of visits to Malta, and has established a small but dedicated following. Grandmaster Liming Yue is presently in Malta heading a group of Tai-Chi practitioners, who will be joined by their Maltese counterparts this Saturday, at the Salina Park for a public training session and demonstration.

Grandmaster Liming Yue, who is based in Manchester, began his lifelong connection with martial arts in China, at the tender age of seven, when he started to study the Shaolin style in 1972. At age seventeen he started to study Chen Style Tai-Chi. Since then he has been accepted as a Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in 1998 and achieved 7th Duan Wei Grandmaster officially awarded by China National Wushu Association in 2004. He holds the Head Judge on Chen Style Tai Chi and Honorary Vice-Chairman of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. He has also been awarded a title of the 'World Tai Chi Promotion Ambassador' by Chenjiagou Tai Chi village and local government authority in China in 2009, due to his great contribution and achievement to Chen Style Tai Chi.



We were able to interview Grand Master Liming Yue in QawraMalta.

MBN – Welcome to Malta and thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

MLY – Thank you it is a pleasure.

MBN – We know that there are many schools of Tai-Chi, which style do you promote and practice?

MLY – I practice and teach the Chen Style. This is the oldest style from which the five traditional styles are derived. Chen-style is defined by the unique alternating fast & slow motion with bursts of power.

MBN – You started your life in the study of Kung Fu, which might be described as being a more combative style. What made you switch to Tai-Chi?

MLY- It is very important to understand that Tai-Chi is another branch of Kung Fu. Chen Tai Chi allows me control of movement, to cultivate and release energy.

MBN- So is Tai-Chi a combat style or self defense discipline? Or is it based on health and meditation?

MLY- Tai-Chi can be used both as a self defense discipline. Consider Tai-Chi to be like a moving chain which can alternate between fast and slow. When using Tai-Chi for health and medical purpose, our approach has to be slow, gentle and relaxed, there is no impact on the body.

MBN – We know that you travel extensively throughout the year promoting Tai-Chi in several countries. The art of Chen Tai-Chi is relatively new to Europe. How is Tai-Chi viewed in Europe? How do you view the future of Tai-Chi in Europe?

MLY- In some countries Tai-Chi is very strong, for example in England were I am based, in Italy there are hundreds practicing on a regular bases, also in Portugal and Spain it is very popular. In some countries we are still in the early stages. Take Malta for instance, we only started the Chen style in 2012 but by May 2015 we had our first successful grading.

MBN- Grandmaster Liming Yue, on behalf of Malta Boxing News and our readers we thank you for this informative interview.

MLY – Thank You.


Photo - Grand Master Liming Yue iwth Adrian Axisa


Information about Grandmaster Liming Yue.

Having learnt from the most skillful and experienced Tai Chi masters in China and having extensively studied Internal Qigong with masters from the monastery on Nanyue Mountain and Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Grandmaster Yue moved from mainland China to the United Kingdom and founded the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in 1995.

Since 1982, Grandmaster Liming Yue has helped many students to begin a journey of their own and he now spends his time teaching seminars and training instructors throughout Europe, and producing instructional Books, DVDs and Videos. Through his teaching, Grandmaster Yue has helped to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and philosophy of Tai Chi that is accessible and valuable to all students and scholars.

In addition to his work for the Centre Grandmaster Liming Yue also teaches Tai Chi skills for Medical School of University of Leeds, companies, schools and previously as a part time lecturer for the University of Salford.