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Chaves Jr - Maravilla: May The Best Win

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Talk With The WBC President: José Sulaimán


Sergio Martinez attended the fight to see the man who will heir his title. The Argentine fighter, banned to face his mandatory challenger Sebastian Zbik by HBO, decided to fight against Serhiy Dzinziruk for the WBC Diamond belt with the promise that he would be named the mandatory challenger of the next WBC middleweight champion. The champion was Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. who defeated Zbik in a 12 round decision, that same night Martinez and Chavez met in a restaurant where between laughs the promised each other to face, it was kind like an agreement. That was on June 4, 2011… it was a long and hard road since then so this fight could finally take place. Antagonisms, accusations and threats took place until finally in March 2012, a contract was signed and Fernando Beltran- co promoter of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.- said: “The World Boxing Council has been a fundamental key to close this deal”.

It was. The council didn’t give up despite all the obstacles in the way and that made the boxers and the fans get desperate. In our last Convention in La Vegas, we ordered that Sergio in his status of WBC Diamond champion, had to be Julio’s mandatory challenger and that they had to fight before March. Nevertheless, many problems took place in regards of the promotion of the fight and while they were solved, Julito and Sergio began talking to attack each other. Sergio called Julito a coward, he answered that he was a clown. Negotiations get nowhere in that time and Sergio accused the WBC of protecting Julito, besides threating to leave the organization…

Julio said “Sergio is a conceited man, who is only looking to win big money under my name” Sergio in the other hand said that Julio had no dignity for dodging him. In all this controversy, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. get involved in the mess.

The WBC showed its authority on March 15, when it established a period of free negotiation of 30 days. If an agreement couldn’t take place, the fight was going to be put under auction. And the Council was clear, if Sergio- who was going to face Matthew Macklin- and Julito –who was going to defend his title against Andy Lee- would be banned if they didn’t agree to fight. First was Sergio, who had a clear win over his rival, and then Julito who KO’d Lee in the seventh round, after that, they reached an agreement. But what a brawl they made! I think that with all that happened the WBC showed why is the top boxing organization in the world, it keeps its word and make it get respected.
José Sulaimán

Everything is ready. They keep attacking each other but it’s part of the promotion. Sergio called Julito a spoiled child and that he had had an easy career because of his name. Julio answered back and said that it was not easy to have a career with a father who had strong drug addiction, but that he had an advantage over Martinez, because he has more experience in boxing than him, because he has been related to the sport since he was born.

It’s going to be a great night, September 15 is going to be an historic night, but at the same time a sad one, two great Mexican champions will defend their titles that night in a same city in diferent venues. Golden Boy had scheduled the day for Canelo Alvarez, who had many troubles to find his rival he had three but those three had different problems. Top Rank heard that and promote the Chavez-Martinez fight for that night, but GB refused to change the date of the fight so it stayed Julio vs Sergio at the Thomas & Mack Center and Canelo vs Josesito at the MGM. The fans will have to split, Me? I will try to watch both fights, but my obligation as president is to be with the champion and his mandatory challenger.

What’s your forecast for the fight?

It was said before that Julito had few chances against Martinez, nevertheless, Julito has showed great power in his last fights with an improvement in his boxing so this fight can go to any side. May the best win.
José Sulaimán

Source / Credit: WBC 

Translated from Spanish