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Former Maltese Boxing President Passes Away

The former president of the Malta Boxing Federation Mr. Anthony Willoughby has passed away

Mr. Willoughby’s accomplishments during his life time includes a career as an accomplished football and water-polo referee. However in later years his name became synonymous with local amateur boxing having held the positions of both Secretary General and President of the MBF. In 2009 he was instrumental in Malta rejoining the International Boxing Association and the first ever Maltese participation in the AIBA world boxing championships.

Malta Boxing News offers its condolences and sympathy to the family and friends of one of Malta’s greatest boxing stalwarts.

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Laamouz Nominated For SportMalta Award


Haithem LaamouzSteve Abela the Secretary of the Malta Boxing Federation, which is the only boxing body in the Maltese Islands recognized by the AIBA (International Boxing Association) and the International Olympic Committee, recently announced that local boxer Haithem Laamouz, would be their nominated athlete for the prestigious, international 2014 SportMalta Awards, which is organized by the Malta Sport Council (Kunsil Malti Ghall li-Isport) in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport.

Although local media does not give much coverage to Olympic Boxing or the international achievements of Maltese Olympic Boxers, we in fact have a small number of Maltese boxers who are achieving success on the continent.

Foremost amongst Malta’s top Olympic Boxers is 24 year old Haithem Laamouz, with no less than 50 fights – 41 wins of which only four of these encounters were with local opposition the rest being against opponents from the UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and a number of other countries. Laamouz has also won a number of top Olympic Boxing Events.

Haithem started his international boxing career in 2009 in Limassol Cyprus and later that year participated in the Milan, AIBA world championships, in November of 2009 Haithem had his first taste of success when he got gold in an England vs. Malta club tournament, in 2010 he made the quarter finals at the prestigious Mohamed IV tournament in Morocco. At this point in time the Maltese Olympic Boxing Federation was suspended by the AIBA and Haithem had to take up residence in London to allow him to pursue his boxing career.  Under the tutelage of Steve Walters and Julian Borg, in 2010 Haithem made it to the finals of the famous Haringey Cup and in the UK 2010 – 2011 boxing season won seven of his next nine matches and in June of 2012 he became London Champion and quarter finalist in the English national boxing championships, in May of 2012 he made the finals at a multi nation club tournament in Ireland, then in June of 2012 he won the finals of the multi nation Haringey Cup, club tournament, in 2013 he won four matches and got Gold at the Sweden box cup, Uppsala region and the Sweden box cup, Orebro region, then in June he defeated elite Swiss champion Meuli Zino.

(Photo Haithem Laamouz)

In August of 2013 the Malta Boxing Federation, was readmitted to the AIBA and Haithem was once again boxing officially for Malta. In September of 2013 Haithem won the Falcon Cup in Sweden defeating Kabir Mierabi with a 2nd round tko and Simon Svense in the finals also with a 2nd round tko (Malta Today Report). In November of 2013 he won a club tournament in Sicily by a 3rd round KO and in the same month he defeated Osman Ntuvev and Mohamed al Maliki to win the Swedish, King of the Ring Tournament.

Haithem’s next fight will be in Denmark on the 8th of February when he will face the Danish 64KG Olympic Boxing champion Ahmed Khattab.

Haithem Laamouz, works as a personal trainer at Lords Gym in St Julian’s, Malta.


Malta Boxing News – 2014 2013


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Malta Boxing Show – Maltese International Title – 01-12-2012

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Scott Dixon: Down For The Count


Former Commonwealth and Empire boxing champion Scott Dixon seems to be down for the count. The former champ who has been residing in Malta for some years seems determined to make the front pages of our local news papers for all the wrong reasons.

According to local press reports Dixon, was recently arraigned in court for breaching bail conditions arising from drug trafficking charges in October of 2009.

Dixon, along with five other suspects, Jovica Kolakovic, 52, born of Serbia UK resident, Tomas Mikalauskas of Lithuania, also residing in the UK, Sheri Anne Steedman, 38 and Jason Lee Holland, 39 from the UK, and Maltese national Kevin Sammut, 28, was charged by the Malta police with conspiracy to import and traffic cannabis. Dixon pleaded not guilty.

In the recent arraignment Dixon was charged with breaching his bail conditions over forty times. Dixon citing mental and alcoholic problems as part of his defense, managed to retain his freedom, albeit under much tougher conditions, which limits his freedom to the St Julian’s area were he resides.

However it seems that Dixons woes are far from being over. The once popular figure on the local boxing scene is clearly being rejected by the local community.

A recent local celebrity boxing show being promoted by ‘Dixon Promotions’ in aid of a local children’s charity was refused the necessary permits to go ahead. All traces of the Dixon name, photos and other paraphernalia have been removed from his former gym and un-confirmed reports indicate that negotiations by his promotional company to bring to Malta a leading boxing celebrity have also met with failure. To cap it all Malta Boxing News have confirmed reports that Dixon was recently caught working as a fitness instructor in a local St Julian’s hotel, without the necessary work permits.

Official local boxing organizations have made it clear that neither Dixon nor his promotional company, are in any way connected to them.

Malta Boxing Commission, President – Mr. Alexander Zammit, explained that Dixon organizes unsanctioned boxing and does not hold a license to practice boxing at any level from the local boxing commission. Dixon was also banned by the Amateur Malta Boxing Federation, in October of 2009.

The Commission went on to explain that the criteria for becoming a member of the local boxing body are very tough and affiliated promoters holding activities must adhere to the highest international standards and provide insurance for all participants, more over proper licensed boxing athletes have to undergo stringent medical tests at least once a year before they are issued or reissued with a license which allows them to participate in the sport at the local and international level.

Boxing Commission President, Alexander Zammit, said; “The Maltese boxing fans deserver better, over the next few weeks plans will be unveiled which will ensure that the local fans will be able to enjoy high caliber sanctioned events, with top level boxing athletes from all over the world, on a regular bases”.

It seems clear that Scott Dixon is down and the countdown has started to end an era of local unsanctioned boxing tournaments, which have damaged the credibility of this sport in Malta during the last few years.

Original Dixon Favourite News Video Link – 9 Oct 2009 – In Maltese

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EBU Inducts Malta Boxing Commission

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Maltese Boxing News: An Embattled MBF

By Alexander Zammit

March 25 – 2011


The Malta Boxing Federation, (MBF) will be holding the Preliminaries for the Malta National Boxing Championships on the 8th of April, 2011 at the Topaz Hotel, Qawra.

This is the second time around that the local federation is organizing these championships. However for this second edition the MBF will most probably not have the backing or the sanctioning of the International Boxing Association (AIBA).

The embattled local boxing federation suffered a catastrophic set back from an all time high between 2008 to mid 2010, when on November 1, 2010 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during the AIBA congress, the delegates refused to rectify and recognize the Maltese Boxing Federation and Marc James the Maltese representative was asked to leave the congress hall.

Although to date no official statement has ever been issued either by the AIBA or the local federation about what actually happened at Almaty and Malta’s subsequent humiliation in front of the world’s delegates representing Olympic Boxing – It is a well know fact that when the Secretary General departed Malta for Almaty a few days before the start of the AIBA congress as a guest of the AIBA, the MBF had already been assured that the motion regarding the Maltese application for ratification and full membership in the world’s only governing body for Olympic Boxing would be carried through.

Although details are not clear and information is still not forthcoming, it is also a well know fact in local circles that Marc James, in fiery speeches during local MBF meetings in the weeks preceding the congress came out in open and full support of Paul King the former English Boxing Association’s CEO, who was challenging the incumbent and immensely popular AIBA President, Dr. Ching Kuo Wu for the AIBA presidency, in the English media with statements and allegations of mismanagement. Sources close to the local federation reported the MBF Secretary (M. James) as saying; that when Paul King came to power, Malta would have many advantages, including being able to organize mixed tournaments of Professional and Amateur boxing.



Unfortunately for the Maltese but most fortunate for the boxing world Paul King, did not even manage to garner the minimum of twenty nominations required to entre the leadership race from almost 200 member nations. The battle then moved to the Swiss courts were along with twelve other nations the English CEO failed to stop the AIBA congress from going ahead. Dr. WU was re-elected un-opposed with the largest ever majority in the history of the AIBA.

In more recent developments Paul King resigned from his position as CEO of the ABAE and shortly afterwards the Maltese Secretary General, Marc James, who was a member of the Maltese and English boxing associations also resigned for the ABAE. The Maltese resignation was followed by the removal of claims and connections to the AIBA by the MBF on their face book page.

These forthcoming Maltese championships, if one is to go by the poster being circulated on line are being organized or sponsored for the MBF by a company called MJD which is owned by Marc James himself and under the affiliation of the Maltese Olympic Committee. According to information from sources within the local federation these bouts will not be held on a 3×3 minute bases but on a 2×2 minute frame.

At Malta Boxing News we most sincerely argue and wish the MBF the very best in resolving their problems with the international boxing community so that Malta, may once again see its youths competing at the very highest level within the Olympic fold.



Poster 1: Malta Boxing Federation as published on the MBF Facebook page.

Poster 2: A personal poster of Clayton Vella, one of the event participants.

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