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Malta Martial Arts Association – Gzira, Malta, 29 Aug 2015

The Malta Martial Arts Association (MMAA) launched its activities by an exhibition of various martial arts  disciplines. The exhibition was held in Gzira, Malta.

Spirit Combat, Karate, Kickboxing, TaiChi and Mixed Martial Arts, got together under the MMAA banner to give the public present a well presented show, highlighting the skills and training of the children, youths & seniors who participated.

The show was opened by Gzira, Mayor, Mr. Conrad Borg Manche, who in his address welcomed the large group of martial arts athletes and the sizable crowd present. The Mayor stressed that martial arts was an important sport as it helped develop discipline in young people. Kancho Adrian Axisa, the President of the MMAA also thanked the public & participants and said that the formation of the MMAA had been his dream for a long time.

The participants were TAO TaiChi &Kickboxing led by Adrian Axisa, SKSM Karate led by Chris Galea, Waka Spirit Combat led by Gerald Vassallo, South Warriors MMA & Spirit Combat led by Dervin Vella, Zanshin Sprit Combat led by Kevin Saliba, and St Aloysius Group

Photo Album

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The Secretary MMAA -


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Team Noel – Excellent Performance at ‘Amateur Gladiator’ Competition

Team Noel’s Kickboxing and traditional Boxing athletes defeated no less than twelve of their fourteen opponents in the second edition of the Gladiators Amateurs.

The fourteen strong team under the tutelage of Master Noel Mercieca, were competing in the second edition of ‘Gladiators Amateurs’, this edition attracted no-less than 60 combat sport athletes.

Gladiators Amateurs, is targeted specifically towards amateur kickboxing athletes most of whom are making their first debut in the ring. Spectators also get the chance to see first hand the new and emerging talent.

Team Noel Winners: Kickboxing beat their opponents on points; Aiden Azzopardi, Liam Micallef, Jesred Piscopo, Christopher Carbone, Clayton Desira, Marjohn Samantha Sultana, Tristan Agius and Joshua Sciarrino. Boxing; Julian Mangion.
Beat their opponents by KO; Mariah Zammit, Karl Demicoli and Brent Spiteri.

Lost;Ruben Magro who participated in Boxing and Steve Bugeja who competed in Kickboxing both lost their bouts on points.
The next ring appointment for Team Noel is scheduled for the 8th of November at the Dolmen Hotel when Brandon Spiteri will face a Hungarian Boxer in a 4×2 match.

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WKN MALTA 8 March 2014 Photo Album


Main event results  :

WKN international fight kickboxing orientales rules / 3×3 mn / 65 kg

Daniel “The Jet “ ZHARA ( MALTA ) wins on points vs Hafide CHABOTTA ( FRANCE/ALGERIA )

WKN international women fight kickboxing rules / 4×2 mn / 52 kg

Ruth TANTI ( MALTA ) wins on points vs Stephanie AUBERTIN ( FRANCE )







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Martial Arts Malta – Three Blacks Belts for Team Noel

Martial Arts Malta – Three Blacks Belts for Team Noel

Written by Reuben Azzopardi TUESDAY, 30 JULY

Malta / Local Report


Three Blacks Belts for Team Noel

In June the Maltese Kickboxing Federation (MKBF) held a grading and three students from Ying Yang’s Team Noel Kickboxing Club acquired their Black Belt.

Isaac Chetcuti, Althea Vella and Courtney Vella were the athletes from Team Noel who worked for three whole hours to finally get the much desired Kickboxing, Black Belt.

Master Noel Mercieca now has a total of 15 Kickboxers with Black Belt level. Together with these three, from the same club, there where Jonathan Curmi who reached the 2nd Dan, while Daniel Zahra and Terence Cilia reached the 4th Dan.

The grading was divided into sections of how to teach this sport, stamina, display of kickboxing techniques and the use of such techniques in sparring. Any athlete who wishes to reach this level must demonstrate discipline in all of them. The section which involves the most amount of energy is the last one where the athletes have 20 full minutes with Kancho Adrian Axisa which although they are at the end of their strength he encourages them to work with him on the focus mats to show their determination.

Team Noel had a total of 40 athletes who took part in the grading in all the belt levels. Women and men, adults and children, gave all their best and more to take their Belt. Their examination time and the number of techniques that had to do all depended on the Belt level.

The athletes and their respective belts were: Yellow: S.Leuelfan, H.Mifsud, M.Darmanin, K.Vanhear, M.Abela, N.Camilleri, N.Desira, M.Mallia, P.Kudella, B.Spiteri, R.Cassar, S.Bugeja, A.Azzoppardi, P.Fiteni, Orange: N.Lautier, G.Dimech, A.Bonnici, M.Fenech, A.Grech, A.Attard, R.Azzopardi, K.Pace, M.Azzopardi, E.Stanmore, M.Grech, Green: J.Chircop, A.Psaila, Purple: A.Scicluna, Blue: M.Scicluna, Brown: J.Flores

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Daniel Zahra defeats Bruno Torres for WKN World Title

Clean Sweep for Team Noel @ “Gladiators Night” 5

(L to R Osman Yigin, Noel Mercieca, Isaac Chetcuti, Stephan Cabrera & Adrian Axisa)

Internationally renowned, local, Martial Arts trainer Noel Mercieca, recently lead his team from Ying Yang, Kickboxing club of Fgura, Malta, to a five out of five victory during “Gladiators Night 5”. This fight night included a spectacular bout which ended in four seconds and a ‘World Kickboxing Network’ (WKN) World Title challenge for local favorite Daniel “The Jet” Zahra.

(Malta Thai Boxing - Team)

‘Team Noel’ (Ying Yang) consisting of Daniel “The Jet” Zahra, Brandon Spiteri, Darren Borg, Melvin Fenech and Darren Doneo kept the thousand strong fight fans at the Greek Theatre in Ta’ Qali entertained with some high quality bouts. A total of eighteen Kickboxers form various local clubs participated in this event.

In the main event of the evening Daniel Zahra defeated Portuguese, Bruno Torres in a 5×3 WKN World Title fight under K1 rules. Both fighters were relentless in their determination to win, offering a spectacle of different Kickboxing techniques. In the first two rounds both fighters seemed balanced, with attacks and counter attacks and a number of well executed moves. In the third round Zahra seemed to edge ahead and began to take control of the fight, Zahra on several occasions executing leg and knee combinations landed blows to Torres’s head.  At the end the judges had little difficulty in delivering a unanimous decision in favour of Zahra and crowning him as the new WKN world champion for his division.

Brandon Spiteri left everyone in awe by winning his match against Christian Schembri kickboxing in a record four seconds of the first round. Spiteri opened up with a front attack followed with a house kick to the head which had his opponent down, who although managed to raise from the canvas the referee decided that enough was enough and counted Spiteri’s opponent out.


Darren Borg returned to kickboxing after doing a stint in classical boxing was in total control throughout his bout and won every round on points. Melvin Fenech and Darren Doneo completed the perfect fight night for Ying Yang’s, Team Noel by taking wins on points for their respective bouts.

This event was promoted by Noel Mercieca and Isaac Chetcuti, of Gladiators Promotions. Adrian Axisa, President of WKN Malta / MKBF &, WKN President, Stephan Cabrera were event supervisors. Also present for this fight night was Thai Boxing legend Osman Yigin and a representative of the Malta Sports Council.

Gladiators Promotions would like to announce their next big Show on the 1st of November 2013 which will consist of an 8 MEN K-1 Tournament 75-80Kg Winner Takes ALL 2000 Euros in Prize money.

For more information visit Gladiators Promotions on Facebook or contacted Master Noel Mercieca on 00356 – 79208283 or





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